Eyes of Paint Branch

Conservation, Education, and Action for the Paint Branch and Its Watershed

Inventory of Biodiversity and Significant Habitats in the Paint Branch Watershed

By John M. Parrish, Field Botanist/Ecologist 2001

1.3 Paint Branch/Little Paint Branch Watershed Orchids

Common Name / Latin Name Watersheds
Pink-lady's Slipper Cypripedium acaule PB & LPB
Large Whorled Pogonia Isotria verticillata PB & LPB
Grass Pink Calopogon tuberosus Powder Mill Bogs
Rose Pogonia Pogonia ophioglossoides PB & LPB
Showy Orchis Galearis spectabilis PB & LPB
Little Club-spur Orchid Platanthera clavellata PB & LPB
Ragged Fringed Orchid Platanthera lacera LPB
Cranefly Orchid Tipularia discolor PB & LPB
Putty-root Orchid Aplectrum hyemale PB & LPB
Rattlesnake Plantain Goodyera pubescens PB & LPB
Slender Ladies'-tresses Spiranthes gracilis LPB
Nodding Ladies'-tresses Spiranthes cernua Powder Mill Bogs
Lily-leaved Twayblade Liparis lilifolia PB


PB - Paint Branch
LPB - Little Paint Branch
Powder Mill Bogs - The area historically known as the "Powder Mill Bogs" occurred in BOTH watersheds. There were numerous bog sites in this area, nearly all of which have been destroyed.